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The multi-storey car park in the heart of Rome

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Come and visit us in Via Urbano VIII n.16, in the heart of Rome.

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Vatican Terminal Rome

Parking at the Vatican Terminal is the best parking solution for cars, motorcycles and tour buses in Rome. Located a stone’s throw from the Vatican, from the hospital
Bambino Gesù and from the historic center, the 5-storey structure also offers a vast
range of benefits with the affiliated structures.

Multi-storey car park

Car and motorcycle bus

Accessible parking

No architectural barriers

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6:30 am - 01:30 am

We are open every day from 6:30 am to 1:30 am


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Parking with video surveillance


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  • Via Urbano VIII, 16 - 00165 Rome
  • +39 06 692 70 740


The Gianicolo Terminal regulations can be downloaded here. The purchase of the parking ticket entails the acceptance of all the internal parking rules expressed in the regulation.

It is also specified that the Vatican Terminal is included in sector B of the municipality of Rome. Buses that need to enter this area and park in the Vatican Terminal must request the issuing of one of the following two Access Permits to the Rome Municipality Mobility Agency:

– Permit B4
– Permit B54

The release of the permit is mandatory and must be displayed and visible in the medium to access the sector. Entry into the sector without valid permission may give rise, in cases of control by the Roma Capitale traffic police, to an administrative sanction.

All the necessary details for the permit renewal are available on the portal of the Rome Mobility Agency, at the following link:

The purchase of a B4 or B54 permit is subject to the prior purchase of a Long Sosta parking at the Vatican Terminal. During the purchase phase of one of the aforementioned permits on the portal of the Agency of Mobility, the actual purchase will be verified by prior, for the dates indicated, a valid parking ticket at the Vatican Terminal. In the event that the verification gives a negative response, the procedure for purchasing the permit cannot be completed.
We therefore invite you to first purchase a parking ticket at the Vatican Terminal and then request a B4 or B54 type permit from the Rome Municipality Mobility Agency.

Returns and refunds

In the event that you have purchased a parking ticket for the Bus at the Vatican Terminal, and intend to change or cancel your reservation, you can contact the Terminal by email at the following address:

We remind you that, both the changes and the cancellation with the relative request for reimbursement, are admissible only if the parking ticket has not yet expired. Refund requests for parking tickets with a date prior to the date of the request for reimbursement cannot be accepted.